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Every employer struggles with hiring new staff; whether you are dealing with excessive applicant numbers, the irrelevant or the impossible to find, Snaffle has a solution for it all!

The Snaffle Database

Snaffle gives you the tools to accurately and appropriately match, screen and filter your job candidates.

Simply enter the details of your job criteria into our database, and let our ingenious system generate a list of candidates most suited for your job.

You can then explore the best profiles in more detail, where you only purchase those candidates you wish to contact.

Job Applicant Filter

The Snaffle Job Applicant Filter offers a stress-free way of narrowing down the list of job seekers when you advertise a job.

You simply select the criteria you need in a candidate, post a job with your unique URL or code, and our filter will automatically rank each applicant as they apply.

Job-Candidate Matching

Snaffle sorts job candidates by up to 12 types of information.

Instantly you have people that meet your requirements, no more unqualified candidates or mismatches in salary expectations and work eligibility.

  • Job specialisation
  • Job type
  • Remuneration
  • Availability
  • Location
  • Experience
  • Qualifications
  • Skills
  • Languages
  • Work eligibility
  • Licences
  • Student type

Snaffle helps you to recruit the best candidate

Refine your list of candidates, screen applicants from overseas, and track job advertising success.

  • Once you have your job candidate list, you can adjust the values of your criteria and sort the list to again find the best candidate overall.
  • Track which type of job advertising works best by checking the source of each candidate.* 
  • If you're short on candidates onshore and looking at international recruitment, Snaffle has its doors open to everyone. We've incorporated the ability to distinguish between the current location of your job applicants and screen the work eligibility of those applying.

    *Applicant Filter only

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And then, pay as you go pricing

Buy candidate profiles from the Snaffle Database. Candidate profiles are priced according to the salary of the candidate. Pay-as-you-go or save money by buying bulk credits.

  • 1 Credit (per candidate) Salaries up to $29,640 $15
  • 2 Credits (per candidate) Salaries $29,640 to $60,000 $30
  • 3 Credits (per candidate) Salaries $60,001 to $90,000 $45
  • 4 Credits (per candidate) Salaries $90,001 to $120,000 $60
  • 5 Credits (per candidate) Salaries $120,001 & above $75

Shortlist Applicants with the Job Applicant Filter

  • 15 Credits For every job advertised using an Applicant Filter, starting from $225

*All prices are GST exclusive.
Monthly plans available on request. For more information please contact us on 0800 762 335 or email us.

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