The Snaffle way: A better way

Snaffle is the brainchild of Amber and Carl McNulty, a dynamic brother-sister team who are passionate about doing things better.

When Carl’s boss complained about the huge cost and invaluable time consumed finding new staff, Carl mulled the problem over, thinking “there must be a better way” - a way that could harness the capabilities of today’s technology whilst reducing the costs and stresses of employment.

Out with the old…

A thorough examination of the current employment process indicated there were fundamental flaws; why should employers have to wait for job seekers to come to them, and why should job seekers have to send hundreds of CV’s into the void to never receive a response?

Carl realised the solution lay in reversing the process.

…in with the ingenious.

After extensive feedback from a multitude of businesses, they developed a system that would break down New Zealand's job market, revolutionising the process of employment and creating a tool that matches job seekers with employers like never before!