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Every employer struggles with hiring new staff; whether you are dealing with excessive applicant numbers, the irrelevant or the impossible to find, Snaffle has a solution for it all!

Snaffle as an Ecosystem

Online job-boards to instore kiosks.

Snaffle specialises in HR job application and screening solutions, and is committed to delivering quality. 

  • Seamlessly integrate advertising methods and mediums on one platform.
  • Generate active and interested, internal talent pools that you can filter.
  • Instantly identify and engage prospective candidates for interviewing.


From in the door, to on the floor.

Snaffle recognises the ever growing importance for integrated software solutions. Forge a single portal and platform to unify your various HR functions and keep consistent communication with your applicants throughout the hiring process.

Job-Candidate Matching

Snaffle sorts job candidates by up to 12 types of information.

Instantly you have people that meet your requirements, no more unqualified candidates or mismatches in salary expectations and work eligibility.

  • Job specialisation
  • Job type
  • Remuneration
  • Availability
  • Location
  • Experience
  • Qualifications
  • Skills
  • Languages
  • Work eligibility
  • Licences
  • Student type

Publishing Portal

Dynamic job posting with clean applicant tracking.

Snaffle's specialised Publishing Portal enables you to broach a myriad of advertisement mediums. Simply select the criteria you need in a candidate, post a job with your unique Snaffle URL or code, and automatically rank each applicant as they apply from:

  • newspapers, billboards to ad shells
  • careers webpages, social media and online job-boards
  • mobile and even instore HR applicant kiosks


Candidate management tools that make good sense.

Snaffle is a synchronous cloud platform, that consolidates all hiring functions on one platform for processing vacancies to placements:

  • configure complete and consistent online questionnaires
  • customise and automate your communication
  • manage recurring vacancies with a click
  • match, sort or refine to filter intuitively

HR Application Kiosks

Thinking of going paperless?

  • Automate Icon 01
    Automate manual hiring processes, concentrate on retention and upskilling
  • Customer Service Icon 01
    Decongest the customer service counter and create a self-contained system  


Now you can.

  • Paper Job Applications Icon 01
    Make redundant paper job applications, replace with a modern touchscreen kiosk
  • Instore ID 01
    Capture an instore ID photograph as part of the application process

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The Snaffle Database

Match. Invite. Interview.

  1. Simply enter the details of your job into Snaffle's nationwide candidate database, and generate a list of matches most suited for your job.
  2. Then explore the profiles and if you have an advertisement running through Snaffle, with a click, offer an invite for the job seeker to apply.
  3. Refine your now-applicants by qualifications, experience or location and make contact to interview.

Try Snaffle for free

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And then, pay as you go pricing

Buy candidate profiles from the Snaffle Database. Candidate profiles are priced according to the salary of the candidate. Pay-as-you-go or save money by buying bulk credits.

  • 1 Credit (per candidate) Salaries up to $29,640 $15
  • 2 Credits (per candidate) Salaries $29,640 to $60,000 $30
  • 3 Credits (per candidate) Salaries $60,001 to $90,000 $45
  • 4 Credits (per candidate) Salaries $90,001 to $120,000 $60
  • 5 Credits (per candidate) Salaries $120,001 & above $75

Shortlist Applicants with the Publishing Portal

  • 5 Credits For every job advertised using an Applicant Filter, starting from $75
Publishing Portal 1
Job Seeker Profiles 5
HR Applicant Kiosk
Minimum Term 1 Month 3 Months
Kiosk Starter
Kiosk Standard
Kiosk Complete
Publishing Portal
Job Seeker Profiles
HR Applicant Kiosk
30 Day Free Trial
Establishment fee $2799 $2799 $899
Minimum Term 3 Months 3 Months 24 Months

*All prices are GST exclusive.
Monthly plans available on request. For more information please contact us on 0800 762 335 or email us.

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